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Replica piaget watches It’s a problem where a lady drinks alcohol during pregnancy, and unfortunately, that happens in all communities across Australia. It’s just that in some places there are pockets of patterns of heavy drinking and that’s where FASD will become more prevalent.BRONWYN HERBERT: Paediatrician James Fitzpatrick has become an extended part of the family.Dr Fitzpatrick says brain damage can’t be repaired, but early intervention can help overcome learning difficulties.JAMES FITZPATRICK: You can reduce the impact of those secondary disabilities two to four fold if you can diagnose early and provide supportive therapeutic interventions early. So that’s what I’m really passionate about is how do we find that these kids are at risk by working with mums while they’re pregnant? How do we screen and diagnose for FASD? And then how do we provide early interventions that will help this child in their health,
Fake Hublot King Power, but also in their educational environment?BRONWYN HERBERT: The people here want FASD recognised as a disability so they can get more support.JAMES FITZPATRICK: The recognition of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder as a disability will be incredibly important in enabling families and schools, largely, to access the therapeutic services that they require.BRONWYN HERBERT: For this family, it’s about making a stand to improve the lives of not just this generation,
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