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Benarus is a long-time friend of the brand,, and it is with great interest when we get wind of a new model coming down the pipeline. Though it’s been some time since we’ve seen something completely new, they manage to come out with some interesting variations on their established models. The latest of these is the Benarus Vintage Moray.When “vintage” is applied to anything,, there are certain connotations.

While a man by the name of Louis Monet created what we would consider to be the first chronograph watch (in 1815), it was actually Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec who created the first market-ready version that was commisioned in 1821 by King Louis XVIII. Why did the king want such an ability? To time horse races, a favorite pastime of his.Nicolas Mathieu RieussecThe watch proved popular, although it had an interesting quirk (by today’s usage of chronographs) – it was constantly running. It wasn’t until 1844 where we had a reset capability added by Adolphe Nicole.

Another big difference is the fact that we’ve got some additional cutouts.Courtesy of a Miyota OS21 movement tucked away into the 44mm case, the M2 has an owlish look to it, with a 60-minute chronograph register on the left, and a 24-hour indicator over to the left. Spinning over those we do have a wider, lumed, handset (that I think would fit the C1 nicely) – but that’s the only bit of lume on the watch. Sure, it will still let you tell the time in the dark,, but I think a future version would benefit nicely from the polished indices getting a bit of luminant applied.As with the C2, the M2 comes with two straps.

Liquid. These were the three essential elements combined by the C Lab Series to create this astounding equation involving mechanics and chemistry.Traditional design and display codes have been demolished to make way for a mobile glass column, located between 12 and 1 o’clock, which serves as the power reserve with a vertical indicator. On the chemistry side of things, a liquid featuring green phosphorescent nanoparticles fills a tube to assist in the reading.

Grade-5 titanium also makes an appearance, helping to hold the bezel, case,, and caseback all together. This means that while the case may appear to be case in that shape,, it is actually separate components coming together. Speaking of that, the strap is another place for components to come together.On the top side, you have an alligator strap.