we reviewed their bedlam back in december of 2012,

When it comes to aviation watches, and chronographs specifically, Breitling is a brand that is no doubt near the top of the list for most people immersed in that particular style of watch. And when you hear Breitling, you probably call to mind the Navitimer,
www.prisedwatch.com, as it’s just about the iconic model for the brand. What you may not know is that they had another equally capable watch, the Breitling 765 AVI / Co-Pilot.I became aware of this model courtesy of a very thorough three-part series that the crew at Monochrome put together with the help of some experts from their forums.

The watch shown above is a new model, the MS-1001,
www.toreplicawatches.co.uk, with a theme near and dear to Dan:My homage to the 50th year of Doctor Who. Not only was the Doctor 50 on the 23rd of November, I was 55. So this is also a present to myself… The auction, managed by Antiquorum,
www.replicaforquality.co.uk, bills itself as: "40 Of The World’s Greatest Watchmakers Together For Research On Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy." When they say " World’s Greatest Watchmakers" that’s not just hyperbole (as is too often present in the superlative watch industry). This is the real-deal. The Only Watch Auction really is a who’s who of the finest brands (e.g.

You rotate a ring about the caseback of the watch to adjust the time, while the bezel is rotated to wind the watch. Cool right? The movement contains a high-tech silicium escapement (seen in blue), as well as a silicium hair spring. Ulysse Nardin was/is a big innovator, as it was the first brand to use silicium parts.

www.refinedwatch.com, to ensure that the watch has enough power to chime, the striking mechanism cannot be activated if there is less than 12 hours on the power reserve – this is marked by a red dot on the power reserve indicator.Fortunately for fans of the brand, the A. Lange & S?hne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater will not be a limited or special edition piece. But given the complexity of it, we expect production to be extremely limited.

The case is produced in steel and water resistant to 100 meters. Tissot will produce both a version of the Pocket Touch with a white dial and un-coated steel case, as well as a Pocket Touch with a black dial and a PVD black-coated case. The good news is that they each cost the same.Given that this is a Swiss Tissot product, chances are that it is going to be of a much higher quality than most timekeeping electronic sensor dongles or other similar gear meant to hang on your backpack or in your bag – but then, it has a price to match.