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As is usually the case with 649x movements, I have a bit of overhang over my wrist.Nice and slim.Case finishing is good, even and well detailed:Luminosity is pretty good, here I am borrowing EHF’s picture:As you’d expect from a hand-adjusted ETA, timekeeping is easily chronometer-grade when wound once a day. Nice smooth winding, evidence of well-finished gear train. I enjoy the daily routine/ritual of winding a watch, and that’s a big part of the appeal here in my opinion.Overall, I quite like the watch and the direction EHF is going.

Easily one of the most desirable pieces of SIHH 2012. Prices for the Royal Oak Selfwinding are $16,900 in steel, $33,800 in 18k rose gold on a strap,
www.refinedwatch.com, and $64,800 in rose gold on a bracelet. The Chronograph is $23,900 in steel, $45,500 in 18l rose gold on a strap, and $70,800 in rose gold on a bracelet.

www.toreplicawatches.co.uk, the design is beautiful and interesting,
www.waxwatches.co.uk, with a distinct Japanese twist. Images of the SNR005 don’t really do it too much justice. I recall a few years ago seeing images of it and thinking "well, that is interesting, but I am not totally sure about this one." Once you are able to wear the watch a bit you really appreciate it.

?The strap itself is graduated, starting at 22mm at the lugs, and narrowing to 20mm at the buckle. ?As I mentioned above,
www.usefulwatches.com, the lugs are on a highly-polished 39mm stainless steel case, which has an exhibition display back.In terms of options, you can go with a silver-tone case and black dial,
www.hotwatchsale.co.uk, or gold-tone case with white dial. ?Both look good on the strap, but I prefer the silver case myself..

If you only use the watch in time-keeping mode, you probably will not need to charge it all that frequently. Especially if you turn the display off. That’s right, you can turn it off to conserve battery via a simple press of the pusher on the right.

Few brands can say that they have achieved that, but I count De Bethune as one of them. While they are more famous for their avant-garde designs, the DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon still has something about it that screams that it is from the workshops of De Bethune. Maybe it is its five centrally-mounted hands that offers both time-telling and a simple-to-use 24-hour chronograph?Source: aBlogtoWatch3.

So, while the V03M could very easily have been a unisex watch, the V03P is instead very much a women’s watch. The funny thing is, if you were not aware of the size of the case, and just looking at the design of it, you would think it was a larger watch.Often, when we get in to smaller watches like this, lines are kept very smooth and rounded, giving the watch more of a jewelry feel. Here, the V03P goes in an entirely different direction, instead opting for strong lines and sharp edges, very much in line with what we saw on the V03M..