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    A cool music app you deserve to have–Gaana

    On April 25, 2016, in Societate, by admin

    A cool music app you deserve to have–Gaana

    Are you a music earthworm?Perhaps you have frustrated while using the small storage in the smartphone,there are lots of tunes you would like.You simply require a music streaming application,
    Wynk and
    Gaana are great choice.The following really are a handful of reviews of
    gaana app.More
    mp3 music download app at 9apps.

    * I’ve had a young suggestions fr they. Make an attempt to handle some UI tweaks. Small amount on white-colored-colored-colored side within the UI may optimize battery existence and Application looks more beautiful. Adding Theme available White-colored-colored-colored or Dark. Functionality is nice and deserves 5 Stars

    * I exploit this application daily. However, several things does not become they be used in many another people. The ‘Sync Now’ doesn’t reflect immediately. You need to relabel it truly ‘Sync’. An order of playlists and tunes incorporated isn’t in line with, it remedied each time I open them.

    * Why everybody crying upon the unavailability of Spotify in India? Gaana will get the right selection of Worldwide music too. I researched for each artist I loved (even they less popular ones) but had a couple of a few things i wanted. And besides, Spotify, Grooveshark, Deezer etc. don’t let you download tunes for offline listening. Well, Gaana does, legally!


    Bawalah musik Anda kemana pun

    On April 22, 2016, in Poliția Rutieră, by admin

    Bawalah musik Anda kemana pun

    aplikasi pemutar musik adalah sebuah piranti , yang di indikasikan secara jelas oleh namanya, membuat anda bisa mengunduh berkas MP3 secara mudah dari
    aplikasi android gratis . Pada kenyataanya, Hal yang anda harus lakukana adalah ketik nama lagu atau artis, cari, dan klik pada
    download lagu terbaru yang ingin anda unduh. Sekali lagu yang menarik anda tampil, anda bisa memilih di antara mengunduhnya langsung ke dalam memori anda, atau memutarnya langsung dari
    aplikasi musik tersebut, tanpa mengunduh apapun. Anda memiliki pilihan lagu yang banyak pada pembuangan anda, dan juga bisa menemukan beberapa musik klasik terkenal setiap waktu, termasuk yang terbaru dari adegan dari
    pemutar musik kontemporer. Simple mp3 Downloader adalah app yang bagus untuk musik yang di punyai Android, yang akan menemukan semua lagu yang ingin mereka dengarkan dengan hanya menyapukan jari meraih unduhan dan streaming musik sederhana dan menyenangkan.

    Musik merupakan hal yang sudah biasa pada kehidupan manusia sehari-hari. Dengan musik hidup anda akan lebih berwarna, membangkitkan semangat atau bahkan memngingatkan anda pada kengangan tertentu. Musik bisa dinikmati dimanas aja dan kapan saja. Perkembangan teknologi membuat musik menjadi begitu populer dengan pemutar musik mulai dari Walkman hingga Ipod Nano. Namun kini musik lebih sering diputar pada smartphone. Memutar musik dengan smartphone memang lebih praktis karena mudah dibawa dan menyatu dengan handphone. Apalagi kini para developer android membuat aplikasi pemutar musik yang mempunyai fitur yang beragam.

    musik dapat memberikan sedikit materi bagi anda bila anda betul betul memahaminya dan memberikan apresisi karya seni yang dapat anda peroleh dalam bermusik. dengan musik ataupun karya yang anda miliki musik sangat berguna untuk anda dalam mencapai tujuan. karena musik itu merupakan modal yang kuat untuk meraih kesempatan. membangkitkan semangat seni ataupun apresisi musik tidaklah mudah, satu hal yang harus anda ingat disini bahawa apabila anda benar benar mencintai musik maka anda harus serius untuk mengembangkanya.

    karena dalam satu hal yang harus anda ketahui musik itu tidak bisa anda capai apabila anda memenuhinya dengan niat yang setengah. musik dapat memberikan kecerahan dan musik dapat memberikan satu naluri yang kuat begi anda utnuk anda renungkan. mulailah musikmu dengan penuh semangat dan percayalah musikmu itu memiliki kreasi yang tinggi. karna kepercayaan sala satu niat untuk memperoleh kesuksesan. Dari setiap sejarah genre musik, perkembangannya berjalan secara perlahan, namun tetap dengan satu tujuan, untuk menjadi sebuah genre musik yang baik di era modern. Hasilnya bisa anda rasakan saat ini, dan anda patut untuk mengucapkan rasa terima kasih yang sebesar – besarnya pada musisi zaman dahulu.


    The best weather app for Android

    On March 30, 2016, in Internațional, by admin

    The best weather app for Android

    When Mother Nature is in a bad mood, it helps to keep an eye on what’s going on in the sky, and these Android
    weather apps can help. Well, some of them.

    Weather[Price: Free / $0.99]

    Weather by OneLouder Apps has been around for a long time and is not only one of the most popular weather apps on this list, but also one of the highest rated. It comes with your standard features like your daily and hourly forecast along with access to additional information. There are also some widget selections and the application itself is well designed. There is also daydream support, DashClock support, Android Wear support, and it’s available in more than 25 different languages. It’s powerful, easy to use, and it looks great. The $0.99 charge is just to remove ads so you get the full app experience either way.

    Accuweather[Price: Free]

    Accuweather by is a free option that gives you pretty much all of the information you need, including extended forecasts, hourly forecasts, and the app itself is also well designed. Other features include radar, Android Wear support, and the MinuteCast feature that lets you check on precipitation on a minute basis (estimated, of course). The application itself was redesigned and it looks really good. The widget support is there, although the widgets are a tad unimaginative.

    Grumpy Weather[Download on Android Price: Free]

    Our special pick in this app selection is Grumpy Weather, showing you the weather news, vocalized in a way probably only Grumpy Cat would express its weather feelings. Warning: Medium


    Weather Underground[Download on Android iOSPrice: Free]

    Weather Underground is a feature-rich weather app that offers all standard forecast essentials, including temperature highs and lows, as well as radar maps, and even air quality conditions, but it suffers from an ad-problem as the commercials pop up from the very beginning of the app. In addition, the interface is definitely on the bland side. If you’re after pure functionality, though, Weather Underground delivers nicely, and it also brings a nice tray notification with the current weather.

    weather app to discover more top weather applications list in
    android apps store–9APP.


    Dailyhunt Help You Get Knowledge at a Single Place

    By using news application,we’re able to get news of countless newspapers and books in one location.Outlined here are a handful of introduction of Dailyhunt,I in addition offer some reviews that you need to refer.You’ll find
    newshunt download at 9apps.If you have been other apps there,like
    music apps,
    photo apps,
    shopping apps,and so forth.

    Dailyhunt (Formerly NewsHunt) provides latest news, study materials for competitive exam preparation & e-books. Not sleep-to-date with breaking news, current occasions & daily news mind lines on politics, business, technology, bollywood, sports, live cricket score & more for India & World. Read newspapers in local Indian languages ¨C Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Urdu, Oriya & Punjabi. Get ready for exams with study materials, question banks & mock tests for IBPS, UPSC, SSC, UGC Internet, IAS, LIC, Railways & a lot more in a exclusive new section on Dailyhunt. Also, find free & compensated out e-books & magazines in Indian languages.

    Right here are a handful of reviews:

    It’s a great application and platform for offering news of countless newspapers and books in one location. Every weekend there’s purchase on e-books at huge discount. I purchased numerous e-books by using this place. In addition, it provides language option so you’ve the advantage of your mom tongue language also.If you are a freak book visitors on electronic products you’ll be capable of think about this application.

    Dailyhunt ( newshunt) application is way better application for your daily news. Dailyhunt could be a single news application which’s provide you with news in british, hindi, urdu, marathi, gujrati, etc. Dailyhunt provides a variety of news like local, national, sport, food, worldwide, dailylife, education, technology, etc. Every headline is might be bought in notification panel. Dailyhunt offer you news papers and books. Application ui can also be good. In application there’s a variety of night mode and bold text. Within my using experiance dailyhunt is way better news application for pretty much any kinds of use.


    Aplikasi Pendeteksi Hantu Terbaik Android

    Jika anda ingin mengetahui #penampakan hantu# atau makhluk halus anda bisa menggunakan aplikasi pendeteksi hantu terbaik #foto setan# dan juga #foto penampakan hantu# disini anda bisa mendeteksi hantu dan juga bisa mengambil gambarnya, sebenarnya beberapa waktu yang lalu sudah pernah membagikan aplikasi pendeteksi hantu yang sangat lengkap namun untuk pelengkap yang sebelumnya tidak ada, untuk membagikan buat anda 2 aplikasi pendeteksi hantu terbaik android ini. jika anda penasaran dengan makhluk halus atau makhluk tak kasat mata menggunakan aplikasi pendeteksi hantu #Efek foto# ini merupakan salah satu cara yang sangat tepat sebab #aplikasi android gratis# ini bisa mendeteksi keberadaan makhluk halus atau astral.

    Hantu secara umum merujuk kepada roh atau arwah uang meninggalkan badan karena kematian. Definisi dari hantu pada umumnya berbeda untuk setiap agama,peradaban,maupun adat istiadat. Meskipun secara umum hantu merujuk pada suatu zat yang mengganggu kehidupan duniawi,dalam banyak kebudayaan, hantu tidak didefinisikan sebagai zat yang baik maupun jahat. Sedangkan hantu yang baik dianggap mempunyai kemampuan untuk menolong manusia, disebut dengan bermacam nama yang berbeda, seperti sebutan untuk Datuk, Te Cu Kong dalam agama Kong Hu Cu. Tetapi didalam kebanyakan agama, meminta hantu untuk membantu manusia adalah dilarang.

    Semua orang tahu apa itu hantu namun tidak semua orang mempercayai keberadaannya. Ada yang percaya bahwa hantu itu ada, ada juga yang tidak percaya. Terlepas dari pro kontra ada atau tidaknya hantu di dunia ini, pembicaraan mengenai hantu memang selalu menarik. Apakah diantara sobat ada yang dapat melihat hantu? Atau apakah diantara sobat ada yang pernah komunikasi dengan hantu ? Aplikasi hantu ini akan mendeteksi beberapa sensor yang di pancarkan dari ponsel android. Dengan cara inilah maka eksistensi makhluk astral akan cepat ditemukan. Untuk ukuran apk aplikasi pendeteksi hantu ini adalah 5,7 Mb dan membutuhkan versi android 2.3 ke atas.

    Aplikasi ini merupakan aplikasi untuk mendeteksi semua gerak hantu yang berada di sekitar kita. Dengan menggunakan aplikasi ini, kini kita dapat langsung mendeteksi keberadaan hantu yang lebih tepat dan akurat. Aplikasi pendeteksi hantu ini juga biasanya digunakan oleh paranormal untuk menunjukkan keberadaan makhluk tidak kasat mata ke orang lain. aplikasi hantu mendapatkan banyak respon dari pengguna android dalam kategori aplikasi hiburan untuk mendeteksi hantu dan Aplikasi hantu ini akan mempermudah sobat untuk menemukan sumber makhluk halus berada dengan cara memindahi secara terus menerus ketika kalian membuka aplikasi ini.


    Hair loss dos and don’ts for men who are going bald

    The process of male pattern baldness can commence at age 21, and by 35, over two thirds of men will show some signs of significant hair loss.

    And while there are plenty of everyday enemies that can exacerbate hair loss, take heed, men: There are plenty of allies willing to help you keep your precious locks.

    From easy to use, cutting edge shampoos conditioners that will
    hair vendors halt and remove DHT (a key agent in the cause of hair loss) to foods that pump you up with the iron vitamin B your hair requires, these 10 top dos and don’ts will have you projecting confidence about the future of your ‘do for years to come.


    Beating up your hair with a rough towel and vigorous rubbing can cause serious damage.

    Physical force breaks off finer hairs, and newly emerging ones don’t even get a chance to survive.

    Use a super soft cloth and pat rather than rub the hair to rid it of excess moisture after bathing.


    Most men don’t need to wash their hair every day.

    Too much shampoo or conditioner on a daily basis breaks down the natural structure of your hair.

    This doesn’t mean you skip showers, though. Wet and soak your hair in your daily shower, but don’t use product every time.


    It’s time to say goodbye to those luscious locks you’ve been holding on to since high
    wholesale Indian hair school. Age is setting in, and things are thinning upstairs.

    Longer hairstyles only serve to accentuate what’s already gone, but a closer crop will maximise coverage, leaving no one the wiser.

    And if the situation is dire, go for the gusto: Hair for men is optional.


    Using a comb or brush too much stresses out your hair. Use your hands and fingertips to shape your shorter hairstyle and groom it with the natural growth pattern on your
    7a grade hair wholesale scalp. If this means pushing it forward and getting a new cut, then so be it. You’ll look better and feel more confident.


    Forget about why your genetics are causing you to lose hair. It is what it is and you have to deal with it no matter what the reason may be.

    Doing so will only add more emotional stress, and failing to reduce stress in your daily life will have a lasting effect on your hair.


    Gels, pastes and putties serve a purpose: They help smooth hair and hold it in place.

    But nothing is worse for drawing unwanted attention to a scarce scalp than glopping on goo. Strands of hair end up clumping together only to bare all for the world to see.

    Lay it on light to keep things covered up.


    Most treatments for hair loss leave much to be desired.

    But sometimes the most obvious and effective choices for treatment get roped in with the fast fixes that don’t work.

    But one that is known to work is Revivogen, which uses proven natural ingredients in three easy steps to not only stave off hair loss, but even regrow hair. Revivogen’s Scalp Therapy, Bio Cleansing Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner work together to halt and remove DHT a key agent in the cause of hair loss while adding volume to thinning out hair.


    Flipkart app, better than Flipkart website

    On February 23, 2016, in Sport, by admin

    Flipkart app, better than Flipkart website

    Hey flipacrat is more preferable online shopping site & application of all of the
    shopping apps. I am orders on flipcart past 24 a few days . That’s flipacrt s services are unbelievable. I unhappy with other people like
    Amazon App and
    paytm app and even more, despite the fact that a number of my pals offer excellent understanding concerning the subject. And mmost of iteams cost is actually low compere with other people. Like my mobile xiomi Mi4i rate on flipacrt 12999 as well as other site 14000 and much more.

    flipkart app is obviously an ecommerce websit whic started in 2007 and went effective in so far years. I have bought many products from flipkart including electronics to towels and books. Recently I purchased Zenfone 2 with1 day delivery gaurantee for more Rs90. The delivery am fast – I bought it in evening too much like next mid-day it absolutely was within my door. The packing too was great with two flipkart boxes outdoors the mobile packing. The delivery boy came out to obtain kind nevertheless really the only factor I didn’t like might be the cardboard machine wasn’t working, well, i desired to cover 13000 cash to him. The support may also be very kind and supports with any information you would like. The web site presentation may be the better of other websites like amazon . com . com . com . com, snapdeal etc. They provide all the details concerning the product on thier site thorough. So don’t choose websites like snapdeal and, choose Flipkart.

    I really possess a good expirence in flipkart. Flipkartbis very trust full online shopping site.Many factor I order flipkart mobile , glass, computer goodes and a lot of component that we discovered one think that flipkart give same product as show in site.there unquestionably because. Download it on
    Android App Store.


    Hair Serum for Black Hair

    On February 22, 2016, in Oficial, by admin

    Hair Serum for Black Hair

    African American hair is extremely curly and tends to get frizzy easily. It tends to be very curly and hence has more tendency to get dry. Wondering, why? This is because the oil from the scalp is drawn out to the hair in a wick like effect. If the hair is straight, then the oil are easily drawn to the hair. However, if the hair is curly or extremely curly in case of black hair, then the oil getting transferred from the scalp to the hair is very difficult. Which means, this type of hair are more dry compared to straight hair.

    This means you need to take extra care of such hair, to keep it to its optimum health. Keeping your hair clean and well moisturized all the time is the key. To do this there are many hair care products, which you can use, like conditioners, leave in conditioners, clarifying shampoos, hair masks, and hair serum.

    They are basically silicon oils which are non sticky in nature, which means it is a safe hair styling cum caring product. Also, all the hair serums come concentrated so only few drops are enough to cover up all the hair.

    How to Use Them?

    To use hair products for dry hair simply apply it on wet or damp hair after you are done shampooing. You can also use it on dry hair too. Take some drops of hair serum in your palms, and rub it between the palms. It comes for ten bucks, and is an extra strength formula, which is what makes it perfect. This is a great serum and works on frizzy and coarse hair. This is also the best straightening serum, as it can work on processed hair too. It repels moisture which helps to prevent the hair from frizzing up in humidity.

    Other hair serum that can be used for daily care are Treasured Locks H2G Hair Growth Serum and TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum. These are both good anti frizz serum that really work good on dry coarse and frizzy hair. Both are light hair serums too. Apart from using them you will also have to use other hair care products for African American hair.

    Use a good clarifying shampoo, and keep washing your hair at least once a week. Two to three times a week washing your hair will help to maintain a clean scalp and hair.

    You can use vinegar rinse, to keep your hair light and clean.

    You also need to use a regular cream conditioner, avoid oily conditioner.

    One a week follow a deep conditioning treatment. For this you can mix 1 part egg, 1 part mayonnaise, and 1 part olive oil and apply this pack on the hair and scalp and keep it for 20 minutes. Then wash off your hair with a shampoo.

    Always remember use cold water as your last rinse, as it greatly helps to lock the moisture.

    After washing your hair, apply the best hair serum.

    Braids are great for days on which you experience a lot of frizz. So, style your hair into a simple English braid and keep the hair on crown in place by using a headband.

    Keeping your hair braided during the night is also a good idea, since it will keep the hair in place and you will avoid unnecessary frizz.

    African American hair can be difficult to manage, and many women tend to try harsh styling techniques at the salon or home. However, avoid this as over processing of hair can lead to hair fall. Instead, stick to natural Afro and braided styles.

    Choose the hair care products wisely to tame frizz. You might have to try out couple of products before you find the products which suit your hair type the most. Set a good hair care regime of hot oil massage at night and using a clarifying mild shampoo the next
    hair vendors day morning. Do this at least twice a week. After every shampoo, towel dry your hair and apply hair serum or leave in conditioner. Once in a while use a deep conditioning treatment. Stick to mild products, which are free of or contain less chemicals. Maintaining such a regime, and it will help to maintain great hair texture and sheen.


    Pageant Hairstyles

    On February 17, 2016, in Poliția Rutieră, by admin

    Pageant Hairstyles

    Whenever any beauty pageant is announced, the probable beauty queens put all their efforts towards looking their best. Some start going to the gym to get the hour glass figure, some go for no carbs only protein diet, some girls frequently visit the beauty salons and others join some personality grooming sessions. But, what most of them forget is the hair care. Natural healthy hair always play an important role in enhancing your beauty as well as personality. Especially, during beauty pageants, you must pay extra attention to your hair. There are various long hairstyles and medium hairstyles, you can choose from, that suit your outfit, your face type, length of the hair, and hair type. Apart from this, you should also take trials of the hairstyles to see if you can carry them with ease, comfort, and confidence.

    The following sections of this Buzzle article will focus on some of the beautiful hairstyles you can experiment with. They can also serve as great hairstyles for kids as well.

    This is an all time classic hairstyle. All you have to do is get a good haircut, then blow dry your hair and leave it open. You do not require any hair accessory for this hairstyle. If you have nice healthy hair, you can definitely keep your hair open. You can also try some different hair settings, such as, long locks, soft curls, or permed hair, with the help of rollers, perming machine, and hair dryer. Try experimenting with different hair colors that suit
    facebook besthairbuy your skin tone and outfit. You can go for the standard dark brown or mahogany shade or you can try a color that your stylist thinks is good for you. But it is advisable to take a trial in advance with a temporary color, so that you can change it if it does not suit you. Blow drying is one of the best hairstyles for long hair. This can also be one of the good hairstyles for short hair, but it needs to carefully stylized. You can use soft hair gel or hair mousse to keep the hair in place.

    This too is one of the popular hairstyles. In this hair style, the front hair is tied behind with the help of hair pins. Fasten the hair pins in a way that it gives a puffy look to the front hair and leave the hair in the back open. You can put hairpins with various designs, a butterfly or a flower hair clip will make you look delicate. You can also tie some colored laces or sequins in the hair so that it matches your outfit better. You can also apply some hair gloss or hair glitter to get your hair shining. This hairstyle looks better with long hair. Women who have medium length hair can take only few hair strings from front side and fix it with hair pins. This is a good hairstyle if you are going to wear a halter neck dress or a corset. But, women with wide forehead should avoid this hairstyle as it only highlights the wide forehead.

    French roll is again a timeless classic and goes really well with the shimmering satin evening gowns. To tie a French roll, you have to take all the hair in the back and roll them vertically and fasten hair with hair clips. To the other side of the French roll, where hair clips are tied, you can put flowers or hair brooch. If you are wearing a white evening gown, then an orchid flower in the French roll looks really elegant. If you have a big or wide forehead, then you can cut the front hair short into flicks, that will fall on your forehead making it look small. A French roll can go with almost all kinds of evening gowns, especially those with spaghetti necklines. But, women with broad shoulders should avoid French roll, as it draws attention to the broad shoulders. Women with broad shoulders should go for hairstyles, in which the hair strands fall on their shoulders,
    wholesale virgin hair creating an illusion of narrow shoulders.

    In this hairstyle, the high bun is tied with the help of hair clips. There are different variations you can try with the hair bun. You can either try the usual hair bun or various other hair bun designs. Now decorate the bun with sequins and laces. Try putting star shape sequins on the bun. If your hair is very thin, then use hair supplements to make the hair bun bigger. If you have a bigger forehead, then cut your front hair short and let it fall on your forehead and the bun with remaining hair. If you have curly hair, then first you need to straighten your hair to get the empire bun.
    wholesale wigs This is one of the great hairstyles for African Americans, as their hair has great volume. An empire bun has a touch of class and is one of the royal hairstyles. Short women with narrow shoulders are perfect for this hairstyle, as the high bun makes them appear tall, and they can also flaunt their shoulders.

    Apart from this, there are various braid hairstyles and curly hairstyles, that you can try. With these basic pageant hairstyles, you can try different variations as per your requirement. Mentioned above are some of the very popular styles and you will surely dazzle the floor if you don one of these.


    2016 Specialized Trail Bikes

    On January 30, 2016, in Poliția Rutieră, by admin

    2016 Specialized Trail Bikes

    When I daydream about mountain biking, it looks a lot like this. I am riding through the forest but it feels more like a jungle. It is fall when it should be spring, but it seems that in this place summer might last forever anyway. Lush, green ferns overflow onto the trail. The singletrack is dark, wet, and fast. We duck in and out of the shade of the trees, finding shelter from the southern hemisphere sun that seems to bore into your skin when you stand beneath it for too long. Towering trees, covered in a soft, fuzzy red bark, are a blur in my peripheral vision. They a familiar fixture from my childhood in Northern California; but I on the other side of the world. What are redwood trees doing in New Zealand? It feels like a dream.

    Only, I awake. The burning in my quads tells me so. I in a familiar situation: Past my personal red line, trying to keep up with much faster riders. Yet not wanting to be anywhere but here. And the new bike beneath me is egging me on. These droppy, poppy, and twisty trails of Rotorua, New Zealand, are ideal for showcasing its capabilities.

    The 2016 Stumpjumper trail bike, and its women equivalent, the Rhyme, are two new Specialized mountain bikes intended for riding like this fun, and aggressive. The company did away with its EVO distinction (which previously designated the most capable versions of its models) and made the entire Stumpy line more trail ready: 29er versions come with 140mm forks and 135mm of rear travel; 27.5 versions get 150mm of front and rear travel. The models also get slacker angles 67 degree head angle on the 27.5, and 68 degrees on the 29er.

    When creating these trail oriented mountain bikes, Specialized focused on improved handling. To do that, they lowered the BB to 13.2 inches and shortened the rear end 27.5 version has 16.5 inch chainstays and teh 29er has 17.1 inch stays. The company also beefed up the top and down tubes.

    The FSR suspension system got a new tune to improve pedaling efficiency without sacrificing the system ability to stay active under pedaling and braking.

    RELATED: The Benefits of Wide Mountain Bike Rims

    Parts got a refresh, too. All versions of the Stumpjumper and the Rhyme come with Specialized new Command Post, released last month. The new version of the dropper is still cable actuated, but it features 12 position settings over the previous version three. Also, all versions of the 27.5 and 29er bikes will get Specialized wide Roval Traverse rims: The alloy versions feature a 29mm inner width and the carbon options have a 30mm inner width. All brakes are from Shimano for top of the line models, SLX on the Comp builds. The Elite alloy version and up gets a 1x drivetrain.

    Finally, for the seemingly growing faction of hydration pack haters, the company further integrated its SWAT (Storage, Water, Air, Tools) system onto the bikes. New carbon Stumpy models have a storage compartment on the down tube that is accessed via a plastic door where the water bottle mounts. The door opens to reveal two cloth wraps: One holds two CO2 cartridges or a hand pump, the other holds an inner tube. You can also store items like food, a rain jacket, and other supplies within the down tube. A bulkhead above the BB keeps stored items from getting stuck.

    Related: Redesigned Specialized Camber Hits a Sweet Spot

    The Stumpjumper will be sold in alloy and carbon models, ranging from $2,900 for the Stumpjumper FSR Comp up to $8,900 for the S Works FSR Stumpjumper.

    What New: 2016 Rhyme Women Trail Bike

    Alongside the new Stumpy is its women equivalent, the 150mm travel, 27.5 inch wheel Rhyme. In designing the Rhyme, Specialized departed from the approach it taken with its past models, which is to build toward a women specific geometry Rhyme shares the same frame, geometry, and carbon layup as the men 27.5 Stumpjumper. Amy Nelson, Specialized women mountain bike product manager, said the company polled more than 1,000 women to better understand what they they wanted in an aggressive, trail riding bike. we heard was that women wanted the same, proven trail geometry that Specialized offered to men, Nelson said.

    There are some small differences between the Rhyme and Stumpjumper besides paint scheme: The FSR suspension is tuned to accommodate a lighter rider. Touchpoints are also different: The Rhyme gets Specialized Body Geometry Women Myth saddle, and a narrower handlebar at 720mm, compared to the Stumpy 750mm bar. The Rhyme also gets an XS size entire size range is made to accommodate riders from 4 to 6 size specific crankarms: 170mm on XS and S; 175mm on M and L.

    Overwhelmingly, Nelson says that women request the 27.5 inch wheel size for aggressive trail riding, so the Rhyme is not available as a 29er for now. And it sold in three builds with the Comp alloy at $2,900 and going up to the Expert Carbon at $5,900.

    What New: Stumpy / Rhyme 6Fattie

    Many brands are experimenting with hardtails built around 27.5+ wheels the new Fuze and Ruze models released by Specialized last month the 6Fattie versions of the Stumpjumper and Rhyme represent one of the few full suspension bikes designed around the tire size, which sits between a typical tire and super fat ones. Both models come with a 3 inch wide Specialized 6Fattie tire.

    Joe Buckley, the company mountain bike product manager, said that the wider tire enabled him to run lower tire pressure for a 69 percent increase in contact patch, with just seven watts of increased rolling resistance. Those stats are going to vary depending on the specific pressure, but the idea is the same traction for a minimized increase in rolling resistance.

    The 6Fattie versions of the Rhyme and Stumpy get a custom, wider rear end that incorporates the Boost 148 rear hub 148mm spacing for the bigger tires, with a Boost 110mm wide hub in the front. Both come with a 1x drivetrain.

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    We a little curious as to the company choice to build the 6Fattie versions on 29mm wide rims. Our testers have been riding 27.5+ and 29+ tires, and so far, and we had a better experience when we mounted those tires on rim closer to 40mm rims. However, we also tried the Stumpy 6Fattie and enjoyed it. Specialized says it tested the 6Fattie on 38mm rims, but the wider rims didn deliver enough benefit to justify the weight penalty. Buckley added that they still assessing what the appropriate rim width may be.

    How it Rides: Stumpjumper / Rhyme 27.5

    On the second descent of the first day ride, which included countless twisty, bermed turns on tight, narrow singletrack that had trees on either side, the medium 27.5 Rhyme I rode (remember, same frame as the 27.5 Stumpy) was quick and agile through every tight switchback and fast, swoopy turn. Coming down one of the technical descents toward the end of the day, an exposed and sometimes very steep segment of singletrack bench cut into the side of a mountain, the 27.5 wheels tracked through fast, 180 degree switchback turns with speed and ease. And when we hit some very steep, nearly vertical sections, the Rhyme lapped it all up.

    This is one of those bikes that makes me think about how the stereotype about long travel bikes not being good climbers is so outdated. We ascended more than 3,000 feet that day, and the updated FSR suspension pedaled so efficiently that on some fire road climbs (and descents over small bumps), I sometimes thought I had forgotten to open my Fox CTD shock from to (Nope, fully open I soon figured out that I could just leave it that way for the entire ride.) And the bike felt light as I ascended, too (claimed weight on a small Rhyme Expert Carbon is 27 pounds).

    However, when I needed it, the suspension was there. When the pace picked up in the woods, the Rhyme proved to be happy to fly, soaking up the hits from larger root drops and smoothing the landings. The bike was springy and poppy, begging to catch air over medium sized rollers and undulations in the trail.

    I finally become a dropper post devotee, and I glad to see it on the most affordable versions of these bikes. The new Command Post worked mostly smoothly only time it did get stuck was on the third day, when heavy rainfall created sandy, gritty mud that gunked up the seatpost and it was stuck in the down position for half a lap. (I was able to push it back up and it worked fine after that.) I found the rebound on the previous version to be a bit, er, violent, but the post is smoother. However, from my initial experience, I think having 12 positions is overkill. On the trail, I sometimes found it distracting trying to dial in the exact position I wanted.

    I do have one concern with the 27.5 version of the bike: While I love how it is, for some reason I found myself striking my pedal numerous times, and I think it has something to do with the BB height (though the 175mm cranks are also longer than I usually ride). These weren pedal strikes in normal places, like sections with larger rocks; they were in
    facebook besthairbuy flatter, off camber sections or tights turns where I had to pedal to maintain momentum. If I leaned the bike over, I graze the ground, which rattled me enough that I was constantly mindful of it. A few other journalists on the trip, men and women, had the same experience. When I rode the 29er on day three, though, I didn notice this issue, but the wet conditions led to less aggressive cornering.

    I hopped on the S Works Stumpjumper 29er on the third day of the trip. It was raining heavily, yet the Stumpy was stable in the tight, greasy turns, tracked predictably over wet roots, and floated down the puddled, steppy sections with nary a hair raising moment. In very tight switchback turns, I was conscious of the bigger wheels, but just the slightest extra attention got the bike through on the right line every time. I wouldn go as far as to say I forgot I was on a 29er, but I almost forgot one is very nimble for the wheel size.

    And for some, the speed you can carry on a straightaway will make up for the extra finesse you have to put into tighter turns. Our second run of the day, a trail called Split Enz, spat us out on a long, steep, and rutted descent. Those big wheels picked up all that momentum, and I was going scary fast over the bumps. As I squinted to keep the flecks of rock and dirt from flying into my eyes, this 29er held its line faithfully and absorbed all the high speed juddering. It felt like the fastest I gone on a bike in a while.